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ModelBest Price
Remote Control Tarantula19.95
Meccano Spykee19.99
Wrex The Dawg Robot Dog89.90
MechRC Robot399.00
see also: Remote Control - Aircraft
ModelBest Price
Palm Z Mini Plane9.99
PicoZ Mini R/C Helicopter11.99
X-Twin Air Acrobat R/C Plane14.95
X-Twin Bi Plane14.99
Metro Fly PicoZ Mini R/C Helicopter15.75
Desert King PicoZ Mini R/C Helicopter15.99
Bladerunner Black Ghost Helicopter19.95
Micro Mosquito Remote Control Helicopter22.95
PicoZ Atlas24.90
Bladerunner Nano24.95
Vamp Remote Control24.99
PicoZ Sky Challenger Battle Pack29.23
Remote Control Dragon Fly34.90
Bladestar Radio Controlled UFO34.90
Pterosaur Remote Control Flying Dinosaur39.95
PicoZ TandemZ39.95
Mini Bladerunner Rescue Helicopter44.95
BladeRunner II Helicopter59.95
Bladerunner 359.95
Hydro Fly69.00
see also: Remote Control - Water
ModelBest Price
Stealth Speed Boat22.95
Storm Launcher99.95
  Robosapien 2 Picture

Robosapien 2

Robosapien has evolved - 2 feet tall, more moves, more attitude, more functions, and more fun! It has an "Advanced Colour Vision System" for object recognition, an infrared radar for avoiding and picking up objects. He has "Targeting Technology" to follow a path you trace out, can talk about himself in English, has changing moods. He is fully programmable. He can even play with other Robosapien toys.
ShopPricePrice Inc P&P
Paramount Zone 109.95
I Want One Of Those 129.00
Find Me A Gift 169.90
* estimated postage applied - check with shop
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